Occupational & Community Health


This division focuses on health prevention and promotion. These types of programs increase productivity, lower insurance costs, and increase job satisfaction. Educating children on proper nutrition, fitness, and healthy lifestyle habits sets them up for a lifetime of health benefits. Health and safety in the community offers a kind of wellness program tailored to maintain or improve well-being through proper nutrition, weight loss, fitness, and preventive education and training activities. These activities are offered to businesses and schools aiming to promote health and wellness as well as to prevent injuries for employees and students.

The Occupational Medicine and Lifestyle Hub aims to improve the Albanian community's health and quality of life through medical diagnostics and therapies, educational and promotional activities, fitness and nutrition interventions and activities, and psychological support, screenings, and therapies.


Occupational health is an essential part of any business. Healthy and happy employees are also more productive, ensuring steady growth for your business. Work is where most of us spend about two-thirds of the time we’re awake throughout the day, 5 days a week. If we’re not feeling our best, both physically and mentally, our performance at work and the balance between work and our personal lives can struggle.

Some of our goals include lowering absenteeism, improving company culture, increasing retention, and decreasing employee stress. Our services tackle also safety procedures at work, health screenings, pre-placement tests, and the much-needed assistance program for employees which covers a wide range of counseling topics like a life transition, stress, grief, depression, financial coaching, legal advice, etc. Don’t ignore the importance of a healthy and safe workplace. Invest in your biggest asset, your employees. No matter how big or small your organization is, your employees are an integral part of your company after their well- being is hugely important in helping productivity levels in the workplace.


  • Employee health and safety education and training
  • Injuries prevention
  • Injury management
  • Ergonomics
  • Health promotion & newsletter
  • Regulatory compliances
  • Employee examination and monitoring of employee health
  • Employees' lifestyle assessment
  • Work environment assessments
  • Respirator fit and clearances
  • Work-fit clearances
  • Vaccinations
  • Travel Medicine
  • Audiograms
  • Stress reduction therapy
  • Counseling
  • Audit of operational policies and procedures for safety
  • Occupational therapy
  • Toxicology lab testing
  • Substance abuse screening
  • Employee assistance program
  • Screenings for children
  • CPR and first aid training


An employee health screening and assessment describes a set of tests and measures used to improve well-being and identify health risks among staff. Corporate health screenings and work health assessments can be beneficial to both employees and the companies they work for. A corporate health screening aims to help employees identify any areas of concern surrounding their health. Through a series of testing and questioning, each employee can find out more about the current state of their health. From the data that is collected from these screenings, guidance is then offered to help with future lifestyle choices so each person can work towards being healthier and happier. A workplace health assessment helps to identify the current picture of health at a company as well as ways to improve it that can potentially increase productivity, decrease absenteeism, and control healthcare costs for both employees and the organization as a whole. Since healthy employees are a valuable asset to any organization, employee health checkups are becoming popular with many forward-thinking employers. Creating a healthier workplace can pose a significant challenge for employers. However, regular office health checks and robust employee health screening programs can raise awareness of health issues, identify problems, and promote a healthier lifestyle for all staff.

Good health can result in increased productivity for businesses, revenue, and employee well-being.


  • Scoliosis
  • Cavities
  • Treating injuries related to sport and exercise
  • Treating musculoskeletal issues
  • Physical examinations
  • Exercise for pregnant or chronic patients
  • Treating exercise-induces asthma
  • Laboratory analyses to evaluate the state of nutrition
  • Cell regeneration treatment
  • Tissue and bone regeneration treatment
  • Genetic test for celiac disease
  • Genetic test for lactose intolerance
  • Food intolerance test
  • Oxidative stress test
  • Metabolomic analysis
  • Health monitoring
  • Lifestyle assessments
  • Health screening tests
  • Workplace Health & Safety training and services
  • Health promotion and education for employers
  • CPR and first aid training
  • Vaccination clinics
  • Health promotion and education for schools
  • Travel medicine


Mental wellness is an issue that affects us all; therefore, education and support should be available to the whole community. We offer a range of activities incorporating support, awareness, and understanding in a safe space of healing. We understand that before being an employee you are a human being, and that life doesn’t end after the work shift, but that there are a lot of things going on in everyone’s lives, which we don’t always attend to. Finding the right balance and harmony is essential, happier employees are better able to attend to their families, which in turn makes them even more productive at work and so forth, into a cycle. This is why we put a lot of emphasis on our Employee assistance programs. It covers a wide range of topics like grievance, stress management, work-life balance, divorce counseling, practical counseling on law issues, financial advice, counseling regarding issues with toxic substances, counseling for those who feel lonely and isolated, etc. “ORIGIN” specializes in the delivery of on-site well-being training, workshops, and seminars. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality training with relevant and current content that engages and inspires delegates to create positive and lasting change on: Join us today.


Fitness deals with a range of people, including those already practicing sports or physical activities, or other groups who have a more sedentary lifestyle. Having some kind of regular activity is not always easy to fit into our busy life schedules, but it should be, because of its known effects on health and overall wellbeing. We know that staying active is one of the best ways to keep our bodies healthy. But did you know that regular physical activity can also improve your overall well-being and quality of life? Studies show just one hour of physical activity can prolong your life by three hours.

We propose a vast array of services, to improve mobility and to give chances to everyone to find themselves, from yoga and pilates classes to sports activities with your coworkers to activity-based games and challenges, making it more fun and entertaining, still with the security of being in the hands of the best professionals in the field.

Receiving expert advice, attending seminars, reading well-being articles, and going along to group classes can all contribute positively. But, for some, being part of a large group isn’t as encouraging. That’s why one-on-one health/wellbeing coaching can be beneficial. Also, at “ORIGIN”, our clinical exercise physiologists (EP) analyze clients' physical fitness to help improve health and maintain good health. The EP creates specialized programs for clients with type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. Reach out for more information.


Our specialists are experts in conditions associated with nutrition and related chronic conditions. Our nutritionists can help patients create tailored plans to meet their health goals and achieve a healthy weight. Smart diets fortify the body for daily energy and strength, and can even prevent illnesses and decrease the impact of injuries. If you need help identifying specific diet needs, help modifying favorite recipes, need shopping tips, or have any questions, our specialists can help. If you need to gain or lose weight, consider changing your dietary pattern and physical activity level to achieve your goal. Weight management programs at “ORIGIN” help you healthily reach your goals.

We offer also nutrition education which aims to create positive attitudes toward good nutrition and provide motivation for improved nutrition and lifestyle practices conducive to promoting and maintaining the best attainable level of wellness for an individual. Also, to provide adequate knowledge and skills necessary for critical thinking regarding diet and health so the individual can make healthy food choices from an increasingly complex food supply.

Healthy cooking and eating can be very fun and interactive, in our cooking demonstration classes, where you get hands-on experience while learning valuable skills and information. Also, we offer looking at nutrition from new perspectives, in our mindful and intuitive eating classes. Expand your perspective with the most professional specialists which provide a blend of occidental and western culture, for best results. At all times our laboratory and doctors are at your disposal.


Everyone values a good night’s sleep. Having good sleep hygiene is not a luxury but is the minimum requirement for a productive day, whatever our activities are. That is why we provide the right specialists and tools to learn more about sleep, ways to improve it, how to reduce sleep deficiency, raise the amount of quality sleep, and instill healthy sleep habits.


  • Sleep screenings
  • Sleep Education
  • Sleep history and evaluation
  • Sleep questionnaires and interviews
  • Sleep tracking through wearable gears
  • Sleep enhancing methods (bed timings rituals, warm baths, dim light, consistent sleep
    schedule, soft music, etc.)


Having stress in our lives is something everyone is familiar with. While we can try to remove it, it is not always possible, and that is why learning how to manage it and cope with it can be a great starting point and a more realistic goal. Stress is one of the most common challenges employees face. When stress becomes chronic, it can have dangerous effects on an employee’s health and well-being. Also, unmanaged stress can have disastrous consequences in the workplace. Stressed employees often have trouble concentrating, struggle to stay productive, and are susceptible to burnout (physical or mental collapse). Fortunately, employers can address workplace stress and help reduce its effects in the office. One of the best ways to do this is to offer workplace stress management programs. The mission of the Stress Management Program offered by “ORIGIN” for different companies regardless of the number of employees, is to foster individual and community well-being by energizing work climates, enhancing relationships, and maximizing personal strengths.

During this program, our highly expert trainers especially provide tips and tricks on handling stress, which will help the delegates to identify signs of stress and other mental health issues, assess their proficiency in Stress Management practices, and techniques, and allow them to reduce and handle the stress, improve productivity, and develop personal well-being in the working environment.

Stress Management training program will provide education, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy also called talk therapy, journaling, and mindfulness techniques to help you better manage your emotions and develop a healthier response to circumstances that are out of your control. Also, inclusion in social activities like book clubs or paint classes can help employees bond together and feel more connected, discover new talents in common that they didn’t know they had, and see each other in a different light. Weekly, individual sessions, and Group Sessions are available, for employees or other people.Working on stress reduction can look different for different people and we make sure to have tailor-made solutions for each individual, to be more effective.


Schools are institutions which are essential for the future of the society. Investing in schools is investing in well-being of future generations. In this way, we help mold not only future professionals but above all, future citizens. Our services offer comprehensive support, promoting a positive climate in dealing with very sensitive issues like bullying, conflict management, and problem-solving. If you have a concern about a specific student’s progress, social skills, behavior, or any other aspect of their development, we are happy to assist you professionally. Health education in school is the process of transferring health knowledge during a student’s school. Health education covers the continuum from disease, prevention, and promotion of optimal health to treatment, rehabilitation, and longer-term care for the detection of illness. Health promotion in a school setting could be defined as any activity undertaken to improve and/or protect the health of all school users. We aim to inspire you and assist you in your important work in seeking to improve the lives of all our young people. Support for schools approach is all about providing practical support for pupils and staff at all stages in their careers. We work closely with schools, colleges, early years providers, and academies to create the support senior leadership teams, their staff, and the young people in their care need at the time.

Regular Consultations in Schools, whether this is on a weekly, monthly, termly, or other regular basis, these sessions can be used to discuss issues and pupils causing concern as well as to meet with parents and pupils. The regular nature of the visits allows the staff of “ORIGIN” (Psychology, Social Worker, Special Needs) to build up a relationship over time, increasing the effectiveness of the sessions.


  • Psychology counseling on bullying
  • Career advisors
  • One-on-one classes on specific subjects
  • Tutoring
  • Social workers services
  • Education for children
  • Education for teachers
  • Support for parents
  • Building communication skills
  • Extracurricular activities

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