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When creating the Barleti Medical Center we have been focused on what the patients are missing in Albania and how we can offer them the care that they deserve.

That is why, with modern technology and an elite staff, we aim to be not only the best polyclinic in Tirana, but also one of the best polyclinics in the region where all the necessary health services are offered in support of oral health.


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dr. Doris Flores

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dr. Doris Flores

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1What are veneers?
Dental veneers are very thin aesthetic work, which are produced in laboratory and applied to the front surface of the teeth to camouflage cosmetic defects and improve the appearance of the teeth.
2Veneers or crowns? What is the difference?
Veneers cover only the front surface of a tooth and have a purely aesthetic function to improve its appearance. A dental crown, on the other hand, covers the entire structure of the tooth. It is a treatment used on severely damaged teeth to increase the strength and protection of the remaining part.
3What is 3D dental tomography?
3D dental tomography is a digital x-ray scanner that allows us to create countless images of your teeth, face and neck from any angle, in 3D shape and color to diagnose and plan your needs for any treatment.
4How is laser teeth whitening applied?
The classic procedure consists in the cleaning of plaque and calculus, and in the application of gingival barriers and whitening pastes which are activated by laser. The entire procedure is painless and takes 30 to 60 minutes.
5What is silanization of teeth?
On the chewing surface of the teeth there are some morphological grooves known as "Fissures". where dental caries usually is formed as a result of bacterial plaque deposition. Dental silanization consists of closing or covering fissures with a flowable filling material to prevent the accumulation of bacteria and the formation of caries.
6What are implants?
Implants are the closest form to natural teeth that enable aesthetic and functional rehabilitation with fixed prostheses, fit even for patients who have lost all their teeth and have significant bone defects.
7When are zygoma implants recommended and what are they?
Standard implants may not be suitable for every patient. In cases where there is significant loss in the maxillary bone structure, as well as after maxillary tumor surgeries, zygomatic implants are a solution for the patient's surgical and prosthetic rehabilitation. These are specially designed implants that are applied directly to the zygomatic bone.