1. The polyclinic operates during the following hours ___ - ____ and offers through home services in the time slot ___ - ___

2. The health services of our polyclinic are offered for ages: _____

3. Children under 13 must be accompanied by their parents in the polyclinic premises

4. The polyclinic does not provide health services for medical emergencies

5. Hand sanitizers are available near every service. Patients are invited to use them

6. The consumption of food and alcoholic beverages is not allowed in the polyclinic

7. Smoking is not allowed on the premises of the polyclinic

8. It is not allowed to take photos and videos on the premises of the polyclinic without the appropriate prior authorization of the manager for reasons of maintaining the confidentiality of the staff and patients

9. Phones should be kept on vibration mode/without audio so as not to disturb patients

10. Keep calm and speak in a low voice to avoid disturbing the patients