The polyclinic is located in one of the best areas of Tirana. In complete harmony with the landscape of the area, full of greenery, with unique and contemporary facilities, allowing deep penetration of fresh air and natural sunlight. Road access with direct links to the outside and the city center, as well as pedestrian access from the park.

Strategic location and easy access!

By bus:

  • Tirana e Re Line, Libri University station (9 minutes on foot from the Polyclinic)
  • Unaza Line 9-10 minutes walk from the Polyclinic
  • The Artificial Lake of Tirana is only 800 m away
  • Dry Lake of Tirana is only 950 m away
  • Skanderbeg Square (city center) is 5 minutes /2.6 km away
  • Selitë, Tirana is 5 minutes/2.3 km away
  • Ish-Blloku is 4 minutes/1.4 km away
  • Elbasan Road, is 10 minutes/5.5 km away
  • "Mother Teresa" University Hospital Center, is 15 minutes away
  • Tirana International Airport, Rinas is 25 minutes away
  • Durrës 30 minutes away
  • Elbasan 30 minutes away